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Trail Boss

Please note these are the only powders I have in stock, I can obtain other but there is a £25.00 delivery charge on any order up to 20KG.

Maximum amount you can hold on a FAC or SGC is 15KG

IMR Trail Boss






9oz Trail Boss £26.00  The downloaders choice without the hassle
  Hodgon actually publish data for low velocity loads


Hodgdon Triple 7





1lb Triple 7 FFFG black powder substitute £45.00  
1lb Triple 7 FFG black powder substitute £45.00  


Alliant Powder






Description of product Price Comments
Alliant Smokeless Powder     
1lb Bullseye £ 36.00  
1lb Red dot £ 39.00  
1lb 2400 £39.00  
1lb Reloader 7 £ 42.00  
1lb Reloader 19 £ 42.00 one only



Lovex Powder/Accurate powders

Western Powders, Inc. currently does not supply Accurate® powders to the EU. There is also no relationship with the CZECH company “Explosia”. As a result, Western Powders, Inc. has no quality control of the powders distributed in the EU by Explosia, which they claim to be “Accurate® equivalents”.

Please contact Explosia® directly regarding any powders distributed by them under the LOVEX® brand.

When Western Powders, Inc. supplies data for Accurate® powders, it is relevant only to the powders currently certified by Western Powders, Inc., Montana in the USA.



Accurate powders

Accurate reloading guide








Description of product Price Comments
Accurate Smokeless Powder     
500 gms  Accurate 3100  £     36.00 Limited Stock


Ramshot Powders

Western powders reloading guide 5





Description of product Price Comments
Ramshot Smokeless  Powder     
1lb True Blue Powder  £     33.00 Pistol Powder 9mm, 38/357, 44, 44mag to name but a few
1lb X-Terminator Powder  £     33.00 Rifle Powder 223, 7.62x39R, 45/70
1lb Tac  £     33.00 Rifle Powder 223, 308
1lb Big Game Powder  £     33.00 Rifle Powder 243, 308, 303, 30-06 out of stock
1lb Magnum Powder  £     33.00 Rifle Powder 243, 308, 303, 30-06


Lovex Powder

Lovex reloading 2013.pdf

It comes in 500grm containers (7700 grains instead of 7000, that's over 100 extra reloads for your .357 magnum over the standard 1lb container.)

The table below shows the powders I stock and the Accurate powder that Lovex describe as similar, this should help shooters who are changing from one brand to another and want similar performance.

Description of product Price Comments
Lovex Smokeless Powder     
500 gms  Lovex D032  £     34.00 Similar to Accurate No 2 
500 gms  Lovex D036  £     34.00 Similar to Accurate No 5
500 gms  Lovex D073.4  £     36.00 Similar to Accurate 2230
500 gms  Lovex D073.5  £     36.00 Similar to Accurate 2460
500 gms  Lovex D073.6  £     36.00 Similar to Accurate 2520
500 gms  Lovex D060.  £     36.00 Similar to Accurate 5744