Commission Sales

 Updated 21/05/2015

New Firearms: Can be ordered through me, please remember I cannot undercut places like the Sportsman gun centre, I can sell you one at the same price as the Sportsman but I will also charge you a transfer fee of 25.00 and postage. This is the same price if you had a firearm sent to me and paid the transfer fee. Should you decide to order a firearm through me the full price will payable in advance. Should you cancel the order once placed you will be responsible of any restocking/administration/postage fees payable.

I can match and under cut other places.

You may by prior arrangement have a firearm sent to me for transfer on to your licence. As of 24-04-2011 this transfer fee will be 25.00. Delivery will be refused on any firearm sent without prior arrangement. 

Firearms being sold on commission

Section 1 Firearms


Make- BRNO  . Model- American 452 .  Type- Rifle .  Mechanism- Bolt Action.  Calibre- .17    Description-  comes with a sound moderator if the  buyer has authority to possess. is fitted with a hawk scope.

Ref-26A  . Price- 350.00.  Excellent rifle in as new condition, just right for some long range bunny bashing.




Make- CZ  . Model- 511 .  Type- Rifle .  Mechanism- Semi automatic.  Calibre-  .22    Description-  If I said this rifle was new you would be hard pressed to prove me wrong, the stock is immaculate as is the barrel. i have yet to find any signs of wear. Then top the rifle with a Pentax 40 x 3-9 scope and you have a 1st class hunting or target rifle. The only thing missing from this rifle is the rear sight that has been removed to make room for the scope. Rarely does a rifle in this condition come on to the second hand market

Ref-  . Price- 250.00


















Make- Pedersoli . Model-  Charles Moore .  Type- Muzzle loading target pistol .  Mechanism- Percussion.  Calibre- .36.    Description-  This Pedersoli Charles Moore Target Percussion Pistol is in very good to excellent condition.  The pistol which features blue steel octagonal barrel and fitting, walnut stock with a hand chequered grip. It also features a single trigger that can be set by pushing it forward until it clicks, the  set weight is adjustable. Overall length 420mm (16.5inch), barrel length 280mm (11inch), weight 1.2 kg. Calibre 9.1mm (.36).  

Ref-  . Price- 350



Section 2 Firearms



Make- Beretta. Model- Silver Pigeon   Type-  Shotgun .  Mechanism- Over and under, ejecting, single trigger, fixed Chokes .  Calibre-  .12 bore    Description- A superb example of this type of shotgun in excellent condition, looks new. At some time in its history the comb has been professionally raised slightly (which saves buying a comb raiser) 

Ref-26C  . Price- 750


















Section 58(2) Firearms

Make- Martini Henry  . Model- MK4 .  Type- Rifle  .  Mechanism- Martini .  Calibre- 450/577 MH.    Description-  This rifle is classed as an antique and is chambered in an obsolete calibre. Section 58(2) of the Firearms Act 1968 allows antique firearms which are possessed as curiosities or ornaments to be owned outside of the normal firearms certification process. The rifle itself was manufactured in Britain in 1880 and was the height of the martini development in 450/577 MH calibre. After a only 3 years in front line service it was replaced by the.303 cal P-1888 magazine Rifle. The P-1885 Martini saw principal use in Britain's overseas Colonial Empire before being given to the kingdom of Nepal. After a few years bolt action rifles became more readily available and the Martini Henry were packed in grease and stored in the old palace where they remained untouched until 2003.  This example is from the Nepal cache and has been completely stripped, cleaned of the storage grease and  re greased as necessary. Any mechanical problems have been sorted and has been finished with linseed oil and wax. This rifle has a known providence and is excellent condition for its age, mechanically is full working order and the bore is clean and crisp, Choice of 2.  Both have been test fired but are being sold under section 58(2)

Ref-  . Price- 699.00

























Make-  . Model- .  Type-  .  Mechanism- .  Calibre- ...    Description-  

Ref-  . Price-